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How You Can Donate

If you would like to support the Jillson House Museum, there are a lot of ways you can do so.  The easiest, of course, is to make a charitable donation that can be used for the upkeep of the house.  Just as important, you can volunteer!  We need people to greet our guests as they come to visit, help out during our many events, be a speaker on a historic topic, help us with the garden, our social media and our website.  We are always happy to know licensed contractors that can help out when necessary.  And the final way you can donate is to attend one of our many events and spread the word about how fun they are, invite your friends and refer us to other history fans.  We thank you for any way you choose to support us!

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The Membership Experience

Become a member of the Windham Historical Society and Jillson House Museum and get a monthly electronic newsletter that keeps you informed of our many events, workshops and educational programs as well as news about other historical organizations and museums.  Admission is always free.  But most importantly you get bragging rights that you are responsible for the upkeep of a beautiful historic building in town that is part of the amazing Windham story.

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Join The Fun at a Museum Benefit

The fun never stops at the Jillson House.  History doesn't have to be boring and filled with dates and facts.  It is about telling the story of your heritage, where you grew up, or how things you use every day were made.  Most importantly, it's about life and people, love and friendship, heroism and entrepreneurship.  And it can be FUN!  We offer special group lessons like cooking over a hearth (pictured right) for community groups and schools.  We can even create a fun day of learning and sharing for special parties or celebrations... you pick the theme. 

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